New Jersey Delegation

96th Annual Business Meeting of the AOA

The 96th Annual Business Meeting of the American Osteopathic Association will take place July 17–24, 2016, in Chicago at the Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile. The New Jersey delegation represents New Jersey’s more than 5,000 osteopathic physicians, residents, interns and medical students at the annual meeting where national and AOA policy is considered.

Bylaws amendments and resolutions are currently being submitted by the AOA Board of Directors and affiliate organizations and can be viewed online. If you would like to rely your comments or questions regarding any proposed policies to the delegation, please contact the delegation chair, President Michelina DeSanti, DO, at

Countdown to the 2016 AOA Annual Business Meeting -  the latest news ahead of the osteopathic profession's most important meeting of the year.

2016 New Jersey Delegation

Michelina DeSanti, DO, Delegation Chair (Ad Hoc Reference Committee)

David Bollard, DO
Thomas Cavalieri, DO
Stephen Kabel, DO (Resolutions Reference Committee)
Kathryn Lambert, DO
John LaRatta, DO
Martin Levine, DO (AOA Past President)
Harry Manser, DO
Robert Maurer, DO
Ira Monka, DO (AOA Trustee)
Paul Morris, DO
Hetal Patel, DO
Robert Pedowitz, DO (Vice Chair, Credentials Committee)
Steven Rubin, DO
Otto Sabando, DO (Public Affairs Reference Committee)
Ashley Sam, OMS-III

Stephen Scheinthal, DO (Chair, Educational Affairs Reference Committee)
Leonard Schuchman, DO (Constitution and Bylaws Reference Committee)
George Scott, DO
Martin Scott, DO
Gregory Sun, OMS-IV
Richard Tancer, DO
Antonios Tsompanidis, DO
Susan Volpicella-Levy, DO


2016 AOA Annual Business Meeting Updates

Resolutions submitted at the House of Delegates may receive final approval at this year's meeting. If approved, amendments to the AOA Constitution will be considered for final approval at the July 2017 House of Delegates meeting. The amendments to the Bylaws and Code of Ethics may receive final approval at the July 2016 House of Delegates meeting or may be held back for approval with the Constitution at the July 2017 meeting. All amendments require a two-thirds vote by the House of Delegates for approval.

7/23 Martin Levine, DO, Delivers the A.T. STill Memorial Lecture
The highest honor of the AOA House of Delegates is presenting the A.T. Still Memorial Lecture. This year's lecture was presented by Martin Levine, DO. The 11th of 21 osteopathic physicians in his family and AOA past president, Dr. Levine exhorted the delegates to take pride in the years of accomplishments of profession, osteopathic manipulative treatment and the osteopathic "whole person" approach to patient care. 

7/15 Student Delegates Named; Reference Committees Announced
Thomas Cavalieri, DO, Dean, RowanSOM has certified Student Council President Ashley Sam, OMS-III and, Laura Gurenlian, OMS-III as student delegate and alternate respectively. After participating in national leadership meetings earlier in the week, both will join the New Jersey delegation to present the SOMA resolutions, provide the student perspective on issues, and participate in delegation deliberations.
In addition to the previously reported appointment of Stephen Scheinthal, DO as chair of the Educational Affairs Reference Committee, President Michelina DeSanti, DO has been appointed to the Ad Hoc Committee, Robert Pedowitz, DO as vice chair of the Credentials Committee, Leonard Schuchman, DO to the Constitution and Bylaws Committee, Otto Sabando, DO to the Public Affairs Committee and Stephen Kabel, DO to the Resolutions Committee.
During the House of Delegates, committees hold a public comment period for input from delegates on resolutions before the committee, but final committee discussion and action is taken in closed session with only committee members and staff.

7/8 Professional Affairs Reference Committee Resolutions Posted
Resolutions for the Professional Affairs Reference Committee have been posted for public review and include: H-313 “Disaster Relief Volunteers,” H-314 “Use of KS and Bath Salts as Drugs of Abuse,” H-329 “Graduate Medical Education Funding and Incentives,” H-436 “Recreational Use of Marijuana by Osteopathic Physicians and Students” and H-336 “Teleconference Implementation for GME Interviews.” Members of the New Jersey delegation will be participating in the reference committee meeting to represent the interests of our members.

7/1 Stephen Scheinthal, DO Appointed Educational Affairs Committee Chair
New Jersey delegate Stephen Scheinthal, DO has been appointed by the Speaker of the House, Ray L. Morrison, DO, as chair of the AOA Educational Affairs Reference Committee. The committee has responsibility for some of the professions most important policies with resolutions dealing with issues involving osteopathic education and will present their recommendations to the full house for action.

Currently, there are 19 resolutions assigned to the committee including "Access to Healthcare—Developing a New Model of Administering Osteopathic Primary Care Residencies in the United States," "Depression Awareness in U.S. Medical Students," "Osteopathic Medical Students’ Access to Coursework in Business Medicine," "Opposition to Mandatory Maintenance of Certification (MOC)," "AOA Accredited GME Program Equivalency," and "Opposition to Time–Limited Specialty Board Certification."

Dr. Scheinthal is a member of the NJAOPS board of directors and house of delegates. He is also chair of the Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine, Department of Psychiatry and on faculty at the New Jersey Institute for Successful Aging.

6/23 Allow MDs as Regular Members
Proposed AOA Constitution and Bylaws amendments have been submitted to accepting allopathic physicians as regular AOA members.
Click here to read the complete amendments.

6/23 Allow Non-osteopathic Associations as Delegates
Proposed AOA Constitution and Bylaws amendments have been submitted permitting national health care associations that represent physicians to send delegates to the AOA House of Delegates. The AOA House of Delegates currently includes only osteopathic state and specialty associations.
Click here to read the complete amendment.


6/23 SOMA: Recognize Health as Human Right
A proposed AOA Code of Ethics amendment has been submitted by the Student Osteopathic Medical Society (SOMA) recognizing health as a human right. The AOA Constitution identifies that a key objective of the AOA is to promote public health. This language would be added as a new section to the Code of Ethics and would attest that health is a fundamental principle worthy of the osteopathic medical profession’s resources and dedication.
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