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At our most recent AROC Conference, I began my working term as the 119th President of our great organization. During my inauguration I outlined an agenda of questions, reflection, and action. The process is now underway.

First, I would like to reflect on the wonderful, and I'm told record setting, convention we just completed. With over 1200 attendees we should all be proud! People had been wondering if these conventions would still be relevant, in the future world of digital media. I think this past week proved there would always be a place for formal face-to-face discussion.
But why was this convention such a success? I believe small changes we have been instituting for the pasts several years are really starting to hit the mark. Those changes are based on what you our customers wanted.
First: we listened to past attendees: You told us you wanted more hands on work secessions, that could not be acquired as easily on line, and we listened. This year in addition to our OMM breakout session we had multiple hands on training opportunities. You also wanted to meet your state requirements for mandatory training and we did that as well.
Second: we worked hard to bring our wonderful medical students back to AROC with world-class lectures, hands on training and our speed networking session, which we were told made this a very worthwhile day for our students.
Third: we partnered with Rowan SOM and Cooper Hospital to bring a unique buprenorphine training session to AROC to meet the scourge of opioid addiction head on. The stipend for this session will cover the cost for your entire convention in a unique partnership with Rowan, NJAOPS, and The State of NJ.
Additionally: we have excellent staff headed by our Executive Director, Tajma Kotoric. This staff has years of experience running these conventions. I asked them to take the initiative and organize the wonderful event you hopefully experienced and they all did a terrific job!
Finally, we increased our alumni outreach with an evening dedicated to alumni events. This resulted in large scheduled parties, with Rowan SOM, PCOM, and Des Moines.
Small changes equal big results. Moving forward, we hope to expand our student and alumni outreach regionally during the coming years to further enhance attendance.
All these changes require a vision and commitment to improve, and with AROC 2019 we are beginning to see some solid results for the organization we all love. We are just starting. This year is going to be about serious work as we set our organization on a path for the next 100 years. 
On that note, make sure to save the AROC 2020 dates- April 22nd-25th, 2020 at the Hard Rock in Atlantic City!
David Bollard, DO
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