House of Delegates

The House of Delegates is composed of the delegates elected by the 18 District Societies of this Association who shall have one vote each, and the elected officers of this Association who shall have voice but no vote.  The officers may be elected by their District Societies as delegates.

The House of Delegates is the legislative and policy making body of this Association and is responsible for the following: Election of Speaker, Assistant Speaker, Parliamentarian, and Sergeant-at-Arms; Adoption of the annual budget; Election of officers and directors; Election of AOA delegates and alternate delegates; Amendment of the Bylaws; Granting of District Society Charters; Creation of other legislation and policy as deemed necessary for the good of the Association.

An active member in good standing of the Association is eligible to serve in the House of Delegates. If you are interested, please contact your county district society or the state headquarters.


House of Delegates

Paul Morris, DO
Speaker of the House

Antonios Tsompanidis, DO
Assistant Speaker of the House

Leonard Schuchman, DO

Todd Schachter, DO

Atlantic County Osteopathic Medical Society

Delegates (4)
Alan Carr, DO
John Santoro, DO
George Scott, DO

Alternates (4)

Bergen-Passaic Osteopathic Medical Society

Delegates (6)
Daniel P. Conte III, DO
Steven Nickles, DO
Steve Rubin, DO
Otto Sabando, DO
Richard Tancer, DO
Susan Volpicella-Levy, DO

Alternates (6)
Paul Morris, DO
Francesco Pagano, DO
Dan Wilkin, DO
Marie Grace Witham, DO
Kristy Ziontz, DO

Burlington County Society of Osteopathic Physicians & Surgeons

Delegates (7)
Robert Biondi, DO
Jack Goldstein, DO
Stephen Kabel, DO
Leonard Schuchman, DO
Shari Simon, DO
Albert Talone, DO

Alternates (7)
Ralph Franciosi, DO


Camden County Society of Osteopathic Physicians & Surgeons

Delegates (17)
Elliot Ames, DO
Thomas Cavalieri, DO
Lesly D’Ambola, DO
Donna DiBruno, DO
Charles Kastenberg, DO
Kathryn Lambert, DO
John LaRatta, DO
Aubrey Olson, DO
Stephen Scheinthal, DO

Alternates (17)
Donald Barone, DO
Robert Binder, DO
Andrew Blackstone, DO
Wesley Chodos, DO
Ronald Cohen, DO
Larry Cohen, DO
Alvin Dubin, DO
Joseph Hassman, DO
Alan Manus, DO
Robert Mazzuca, DO
Richard Naftulin, DO

Cape May Osteopathic Society

Delegates (2)
Richard Renza, DO
Robert Speer, DO

Alternates (2)
Robert Renza, DO

Essex County Osteopathic Association of Physicians & Surgeons

Delegates (2)
Neil Paulvin, DO

Alternates (2)

Hudson County Osteopathic Medical Society

Delegate (1)
Hetal Patel, DO

Alternate (1)
Martin Levine, DO

Hunterdon County Osteopathic Society

Delegate (1)
Yancy Van Patten, DO

Alternate (1)

Mercer County Osteopathic Society

Delegates (2)
Harry E. Manser Jr., DO

Alternates (2)
Jesse Stawicki, DO

Middlesex County Osteopathic Society

Delegates (2)
Robert Boyd, DO
Robert Maurer, DO

Alternates (2)
Edward Josell, DO
Marc Mayer, DO

Monmouth County Osteopathic Medical Society

Delegates (4)
Kenneth Eng, DO
Robert Pedowitz, DO
Dina Marie Perrino, DO
Antonios Tsompanidis, DO

Alternates (4)
Barry Edison, DO
Howard Guss, DO

Morris County Osteopathic Medical Society

Morris Delegates (3)
David Bollard, DO
Margaret Karcnik, DO
Ira Monka, DO

Morris Alternates (3)
Joseph Casella, DO
Lyudmila Edshteyn, DO
Cheryl Rosenfeld, DO

Somerset Delegate (1)
Robert Ilowite, DO

Somerset Alternate (1)

Sussex Delegate (1)
Ross Nochimson, DO

Sussex Alternate (1)
Fred Nichols, DO

Warren Delegate (1)
Michelina DeSanti, DO

Warren Alternate (1)

Ocean County Osteopathic Society

Delegates (2)

Alternates (2)

Tri-County Association of Osteopathic Physicians & Surgeons

Delegates (8)
Louis Balsama, DO
Miles Brumberg, DO
Douglas Hargrave, DO
Steven Lowry, DO
Todd Schachter, DO
Carl Schopfer, DO
Lee Ann Van Houten-Sauter, DO
Edward Wozniak, DO

Alternates (8)
Allen Auerbach, DO

Union County Osteopathic Society

Delegate (1)
Karen Kowalenko, DO

Alternate (1)
Clifford Botwin, DO